In Part 1 of this series, we began the story of Louis Hoffman, now a pensioner, who, in 1984, due to a stroke lost feeling on the right hand side of his body, and while suffering from diabetes and after eight bypass operations as well as four stents, subsequently had his right leg amputated below the knee.  Roger’s job was to get him walking comfortably using a prosthesis.

Louis Hoffman

After numerous unsuccessful attempts at getting his prosthesis to the point where he was walking satisfactorily, in 2012 he contacted Roger Wolfson and they have been working together ever since in getting Louis on the road to recovery.

‘Louis is an extremely brave man’

Says Roger:  ‘Louis is an extremely brave man.  He is in his 60’s and despite his condition as a bi-lateral (both legs) trans femoral (above the knee) amputee you just can’t keep him down.  Over the past few months he has made remarkable progress in using his new posthesis despite numerous adjustments to both legs.’

Since they began their journey together, Roger has consistently worked with Louis to get him to the point of walking comfortably.  However, 9 months after losing his right leg above the knee, Louis suffered further trauma in his left leg which also had to be amputated in the same manner.

Roger continues:  ‘Louis has managed to tackle the amputation rehabilitation process for a second time now with minimal budget and although it has been tough for his family he has shown that he is a really tough guy.  Watch this space – the next 6 months will see him taking even greater strides towards full recovery.’

Louis Hoffman – You can’t keep a good man down