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Prosthetic components

July 31, 2019Written by HelenLeave a Comment Prosthetic components Introduction to prosthetic components When it comes to prosthetic components, by far, the most important device is the prosthetic socket. If the prosthetic socket does not function properly this leads to discomfort – in fact, every other device is useless if the prosthetic socket does not fit […]

The Louis Hoffman story: Part 1 – Many years of pain are in the past and the wonders of a silicone s

Silicone sleeve helps relieve blisters In 1984, due to a stroke, Louis Hoffman, now a pensioner, lost feeling on the right hand side of his body, and while suffering from diabetes and after eight bypass operations as well as four stents, subsequently had his right leg amputated below the knee.  In the featured image he […]