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Through knee prosthetics

Through knee prosthetics July 31, 2019Written by HelenLeave a Comment Introduction to through knee amputations Roger Wolfson and Associates is a certified provider of prosthetic sockets designed to cater for the needs of through knee amputees who need through knee prosthetics. A through knee amputation, also referred to as the ‘Buchler Technique’, is a highly suitable […]

Below knee prosthetics

below knee prosthetics

Introduction to below knee prosthetics An amputation, especially at any level below the knee, does not usually present a particularly disabling condition. With the use of modern below knee prosthetics and treatment methods, below knee amputees who are free from complicating medical problems can do most of the things they could do prior to amputation. […]

Above knee prosthetics

above knee prosthetics

Prostheses concerning above knee prosthetics consist of a custom-made socket combined with a supportive frame, knee unit, pylon, and foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary. The Prosthetic Knee System Of all prosthetic components that are concerned with above knee prosthetics the knee system is arguably the most complex. It should […]