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Amputee Rehabilitation

Have you had an amputation or are you going to have one in the near future? With more than 40 years experience Roger is at the cutting edge of technology and will get you mobile in no time.

Does your prosthesis hurt? Are you walking with difficulty?

Berfor we examine the likely causes that lie behind a painful prosthesis, let us first highlight the background details.  While various levels of amputations are carried out, by far, the most common involve: •Below knee (trans tibial)   •Above knee (trans femoral) No matter the amputation level, there is a great deal your dedicated prosthetist can […]

Daniel Masaiti – a journey in walking comfortably short of three weeks post-surgery with Immediate

Daniel Masaiti is a tobacco and livestock farmer from Marondera, a town situated just south of Harare, Zimbabwe.   Now 53, Daniel was only four years old when he fell from a bicycle and sustained injuries that became infected and caused him to develop a condition known as osteomyelitis.  Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone, […]

3 important questions you should ask prior to undergoing a lower limb amputation

Statistics show that for every 1 000 people in South Africa there are approximately 1.5 amputees. The main reasons behind why and how amputations occur include: •Vascular disease which covers diabetes and peripheral arterial diseases •Cancer •Trauma In this article we address three important questions you should consider prior to undergoing a lower limb amputation […]

Some things happen for a reason

“Thank you Doctor Roger.  Bless you and may you never grow weary of doing good for others.” Born with a congenital femoral deficiency, 6 year old Asbonge now has a new lease on life and is well on his way to Walking comfortably with the aid of his new prosthetic. But, it wasn’t always like this.  […]

Immediate Post-Operative Prosthetics

Roger Wolfson has received tremendous acclaim where it pertains to the use of the Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis (IPOP) Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis (Ipop)technique for leg amputations. This technique involves the application of a rigid cast immediately post-surgery while the patient is still in the operating theater, and the attachment of a prosthesis soon thereafter, enabling the patient […]