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The Louis Hoffman story: Part 1 – Many years of pain are in the past and the wonders of a silicone s

Silicone sleeve helps relieve blisters In 1984, due to a stroke, Louis Hoffman, now a pensioner, lost feeling on the right hand side of his body, and while suffering from diabetes and after eight bypass operations as well as four stents, subsequently had his right leg amputated below the knee.  In the featured image he […]

Does your prosthesis hurt? Are you walking with difficulty?

Berfor we examine the likely causes that lie behind a painful prosthesis, let us first highlight the background details.  While various levels of amputations are carried out, by far, the most common involve: •Below knee (trans tibial)   •Above knee (trans femoral) No matter the amputation level, there is a great deal your dedicated prosthetist can […]

3 important questions you should ask prior to undergoing a lower limb amputation

Statistics show that for every 1 000 people in South Africa there are approximately 1.5 amputees. The main reasons behind why and how amputations occur include: •Vascular disease which covers diabetes and peripheral arterial diseases •Cancer •Trauma In this article we address three important questions you should consider prior to undergoing a lower limb amputation […]

Some things happen for a reason

“Thank you Doctor Roger.  Bless you and may you never grow weary of doing good for others.” Born with a congenital femoral deficiency, 6 year old Asbonge now has a new lease on life and is well on his way to Walking comfortably with the aid of his new prosthetic. But, it wasn’t always like this.  […]